Your brain is dealing with the trauma your amputation has causedYour Brain Is Dealing With The Trauma Your Amputation Caused

Your brain is dealing with the trauma your amputation caused. All amputees share certain things. At some point in our rehabilitation, we all have a dream where we are walking on our own unassisted. This is less profound for people who have great success in their physical recovery. However, if you are like me, who struggles with recovery, it may be more haunting and deep feelings that come and go until you can understand and process them. 

When Does A Pre-Amputation Dream Become A 


My dream starts with my going down a city sidewalk in my wheelchair. I got distracted and didn't realize for a while that I was walking like I was when I still had my foot. This dream is unusual in that I walk when I am out of the house. The start of the dream may or may not be realistic. In my case, it took place much earlier in my recovery when I was heavily dependent on a scooter. Then there is a time when you are distracted. Lastly, there is an astonishing realization that you are walking just as you did before your amputation. 

Preamputation Dreams Can Be Very Profound and Emotionally Disturbing

 According to modern dream research, these dreams are called posttraumatic nightmares. They allow you to re-experience the amputation trauma. These dreams bring up strong unresolved feelings that can be very profound. You can make them less painful by dealing with them. In recognizing them and resolving them, you can gain control of their intensity.

Processing the Emotions of a Posttraumatic Nightmare

 Your brain is dealing with the trauma your amputation has caused. The feelings are significant and hard to define. This dream starts with astonishment. There is an overwhelming realization that you have your leg back and your amputation never happened. Your absence of pain and fear is deeply refreshing. It is surprising remembering how easy it was. There is the sudden joy and relief that seems unreal. Your previous limitations and fear are washed away. The crux of this traumatic nightmare is an opportunity to express and feel these intense emotions that the dream brings up. Do you find that you have forgotten your cane or wheelchair and gone back to your pre-amputation behavior without noticing it? Can you recognize your significant other's relief and astonishment? Your brain is dealing with the trauma your amputation has caused.

Origins of Amputation Dream's Meaning

The word "Amputation" is taken from the Latin term "amputare" meaning "to cut out." Traditional dream interpretation asks what do you need to cut out of your life? Losing a body part is an omen that you need to take care of yourself and your relationships in the future. Dreaming of your amputation as a loss is to dream how important that limb was, and you need to deal with your feelings around that loss both for you and your support system. Be careful that you lean on your friends emotionally but keep in mind those feelings you need to gain a perspective as you process them. This dream can also mean that you are neglecting some part of your life. If your leg was removed in a way that caused you suffering, then something will be removed from your life. This dream has some positive aspects. If the amputation represents the removal of a hand, it can also mean that something will be removed in your life which is no longer desired.

 Your Brain Is Dealing With the Trauma Your Amputation Has Caused.

 Your brain is dealing with the trauma your amputation has caused. Tell me how helpful dreams of still having your leg were in understanding the emotional issues you need to recognize and deal with. I learn so much from the feelings of these dreams that force me to deal with my limitations. The intensity of these dreams varies directly with the amount of success you are having in your recovery. Your brain is dealing with the trauma your amputation has caused.

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