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Carl Jung quote,"I am not what happened to me. I am what I choose to become."

Make Your Bodily Consciousness Grow a New Leg

Make Your Bodily Consciousness Grow a New Leg Ask any amputee, and they all will tell you that you can’t grow a new one. The point of this article is that if you wear your prosthesis long enough, your consciousness will accept it as if it was a new leg. A prosthesis is simply a…
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Considerations Before You Get an Amputation

Considerations Before You Get an Amputation The loss of a limb can have a considerable psychological impact. The grief and bereavement people face after an amputation are equivalent to the death of a loved one. Ignoring the psychological impact of an amputation will be your first drastic mistake. It’s not hard since you are surrounded…
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Warrior Amputee

Is PTSD Inevitable after Amputation?

Is Post–Traumatic Stress Disorder Inevitable after Amputation? The major symptoms of PTSD are reliving the traumatic event in vivid nightmares, unwanted memories, and flashbacks. Heart palpitations and panic attacks occur as the trauma is relived. Patients report feeling wound up, unable to concentrate or sleep, and experience unprovoked intense anger. They are easily startled and…
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This is the picture of the leader of the Band "Angree Amputees"

Resolving Anger About Your Amputation

Resolving  Anger About Your Amputation There is really a band calling themselves the “Angry Amputees” and have a Facebook page. Dalty, their lead vocalist is actually an amputee. He had lost both legs and fingers. He started the band to deal with his anger. His ability to resolve it and carry on should be an…
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There-are-things-amputees -an-do-to-extend-their-lives

Amputation and Aging

Things Amputees Can Do To Extend Their Lives There are things amputees can do to extend their lives, Ever notice you never hear anyone talk to you about amputations and aging? Though we don’t have much control over aging, we do have some power over the way we see ourselves. As you age, you may…
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Amputee painter on his couch frustrated because he is self quarenting

Self-quarantine One Leg at a Time

  We are at the beginning of what promises to be a long, pandemic summer. Coronavirus cases are still climbing in nineteen states.  Second, to wearing a mask self-quarantining is one of the few ways we have of protecting ourselves and maintaining control of our lives. As an amputee, if it has been a long…
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Top Advancements in Prosthetics in 2020

Top Advancements in Prosthetics in 2020   Prosthetics have progressed dramatically in recent years, with many people choosing to move away from the standard NHS provided prosthetics, to highly functioning, technologically advanced limbs. With these types of prosthetics now available on the market, there’s a wide range of options to choose from, especially for people…
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Journaling Improves Amputation Recovery

Journaling Improves  Amputation Recovery You don’t know what journaling can do for your amputation till you try it. It puts a progression to your thoughts. Journaling improves amputation recovery. You see the change in much more detail. By reflecting on things you wrote in the past, you see how much things have changed. Journaling (or…
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If phantom pain had a face

Treatment of Phantom Pain

Treatment of Phantom Pain You know phantom pain when you feel it. It comes from where your limb used to be. The sensation starts as a discomfort. It is a real feeling coming from the missing limb. It might be a “charley horse” or a cramp in your hand or wrist. The pain gradually increases.…
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book titled "Unlock the Secrets of Being an Amputee Spouse"

Unlocking the Secrets of Being an Amputee Spouse

Unlocking the Secrets of Being an Amputee Spouse   For some time now I have felt a gentle nudge from the universe to write a book about our experience when my husband suffered a medical emergency that changed our lives forever. It has taken me nearly three years to get to a place where I…
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Don’t Let your Amputation Become a Major Depression

Don’t Make Your Amputation Into a Major Depression Dealing With Your Feelings Getting into an auto accident leaves us no chance to prepare for our amputation. As a result, many amputees have not resolved the emotional loss they are faced with. The grieving process is not a mental illness but a phase of life we…
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15 Amputation Analytics That May Inspire You

15 Amputation Analytics That May Inspire You Limb loss is much more common than many people realize, and the numbers are growing. By learning the facts about limb loss, we can start to be better advocates for our friends and family, feel less alone during our journey with limb loss, and raise awareness through meaningful, fact-based…
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Reducing Amputee Stress

Reducing Amputee Stress Stress is what you feel when you can’t get out of a negative situation. It becomes paradoxical when you give up trying. Like an employee returning to work while being unable to be tested for Coronavirus because they are not “normal” according to the federal government, nor can they sue if they…
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Primitive painting of an amputee and his dinosaur

Amputee Survival in a Pandemic

Amputee Survival in a Pandemic Almost everyone is unusually anxious because of COVID-19. However, being in a constant state of anxiety and stress will not do you any good. After all, stress is known to affect our immune system.  So, what should we do? We can try coping with anxiety and building mental resilience by turning…
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Post-Amputation Depression

Post-Amputation Depression You have a flood of different feelings right after your amputation. Shock and disbelief come when you see part of you missing. You feel frustrated when you realize you have a long recovery ahead of you. At some point, profound sadness and grief overtake you when issues like returning to work cannot be…
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Assessing Amputation Depression

Assessing Amputation Depression Knowing if you are depressed because of your amputation will give you a plan and path to deal with it. In a recent study, twenty percent of all amputees suffer from depression. After waking up in the hospital to realize you have had a foot or arm, amputated can cause a psychological…
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Stopping Amputee Self-Sabotage

Stopping Amputee Self-Sabotage Recognizing what triggers destructive amputation recovery self-sabotage is the major focus for anyone who lost a limb. You set a goal for yourself and somehow never reach it. You find yourself back in the same situation no matter how much planning, strategizing, or intention-setting you do. Self-sabotage is repeating these same patterns,…
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What is Fall Prevention?

What is Fall Prevention? Identifying places and behaviors that can easily result in a loss of balance is called fall prevention. The more you take control of this process, the more confident you feel about returning to your-pre amputation lifestyle. If you haven’t been taught and warned about the potential harm that ignoring risks creates,…
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How to Deal with Amputation Helplessness

Amputation and Helplessness Every amputee must face the feelings of helplessness at some point in their recovery. For amputees who wake in the ER after a car wreck, it maybe sooner. Your first reaction is denial or overwhelming helplessness, especially facing the reality that you have a family to support or a job to do,…
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Pre-amputation Assessment

Pre-amputation Assessment I found this article on assessment after my amputation. I was struggling with the raw feelings of never having my foot again. I felt like I was waking up from a dream where everything is in chaos, and regrets are not resolved. I wake up to people trying to be logical and not…
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How to Reduce Your Amputee Anxiety

Post-amputation Amputation Issues Pre-amputation Problem Solving How to Reduce Your Amputee Anxiety What Causes Amputee Anxiety Sixty-four percent of recent amputees suffer from anxiety. Many of them find they are overwhelmed by that fear. There are some specific triggers that the newly amputated face that is unique. Amputation Anxiety starts with the realization that your…
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Coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic for Amputees

Coping with the Coronavirus Pandemic for Amputees These days, we all have to accept the anxiety inherent in living in the time of the coronavirus pandemic and COVID-19. If there were a way to dispel all anxious feelings, I’d tell you, but there isn’t. The one exception might be someone who could summon such a…
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Amputee Store Teleprosthetics

Amputee Store Teleprosthetics During this global pandemic, telehealth is emerging as an effective and sustainable solution to stem the spread of COVID-19. We’re here to address your immediate prosthetic concerns from the comfort and safety of your home. Depending upon where you live in the world, getting your prosthetic concerns answered may be difficult. Amputee…
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Woman in cemetery holding a prosthetic.

Amputees Learn Skills to Deal with a Pandemic

Amputees Can Use Their Skills from Rehabitulation in Dealing with the Coronavirus The Coronavirus has left people in social isolation. They are housebound, and movement restricted. People are panicking because their lives are shattered. They can no longer go to work and don’t have a clear idea when they can.  Their lives feel out of…
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Do you consider yourself Disabled?

Do You Consider Yourself Disabled? Able or Disable You must do two things before you can honestly answer that question. You must realize the difference between disabled and abled. Not a silly distinction but it is a concrete distinction. Are you disabled because you feel safe in your wheelchair? Do you obsess on things you…
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Consultations Calendar

CONSULTATIONS CALENDAR KEVIN KAPPLER, PH.D. Contact Dr. Kappler Consultations & Messages You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Kappler by using the frorm below, or you can click this button to send a message. Send Message SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION INITIAL CONSULTATIONS FOR NEW CLIENTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE
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Why Amputation? What To Do About It

Facing an Amputation  What to Do Facing An Amputation You are facing an amputation. An amputation is either the result of a traumatic event like a car crash. This means there is no preparation and the amputee regains consciousness after the operation. Your podiatrist or Orthopedic surgeon has detected a severe infection resistant to antibiotics,…
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You Can Lead a Happy Life! Let Me Show You How! Yes, You Can!   KEVIN KAPPLER, PH.D. AMPUTEE LIFECOACH As a fellow amputee, I know the psychological difficulties people face after losing a limb. I have helped people on the phone and texting for the last ten years as a Life Coach with these…
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