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Top advancements in prostheses in 2020

Top Advancements in Prostheses in 2020

Top Advancements in Prostheses in 2020 Consciously controlled limbs 3D printing See-through designs Bionic arms Nerve detectors Similar to bionic limbs, nerve detectors control the prosthetic, utilizing the user’s mind to think they are actually moving the limb. The technology behind it operates via spinal motor neurons, instead of just muscle, like a bionic arm.…
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woman journaling with her feet after loosing both arms.journaling improves amputation recovery

Journaling Improves Amputation Recovery

Journaling improves amputation recovery Journaling helps in amputation recovery. You don’t know what journaling can do for your amputation till you try it. It puts a progression to your thoughts. You see the change in much more detail. By reflecting on things you wrote in the past, you see how much things have changed. Journaling…
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Assessing amputee depression. young-black-boy-with-both-legs-amputated-drawing-out-his-missing-legs-in-chalk

Assessing Amputation Depression

Assessing Amputation Depression You are recovering from an amputation and Know something is dragging you down. Assessing amputation depression is the next step. In a recent study, twenty percent of all amputees suffer from depression. After waking up in the hospital to realize you have had a foot or arm amputated can cause a psychological…
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How to Reduce Your Amputee Anxiety

How to Reduce Your Amputee Anxiety What Causes Amputee Anxiety Sixty-four percent of recent amputees suffer from anxiety. Many of them find they are overwhelmed by that fear. There are some specific triggers that the newly amputated face that is unique. Amputation Anxiety starts with the realization that your body will drastically change, and your…
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Consultation calendar This is a calendar used for Dr. Kappler's consultations

Consultation Calendar

CONSULTATIONS CALENDAR KEVIN KAPPLER, PH.D. Contact Dr. Kappler Consultations & Messages You can schedule an appointment with Dr. Kappler by using the frorm below, or you can click this button to send a message. Send Message SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION INITIAL CONSULTATIONS FOR NEW CLIENTS ARE FREE OF CHARGE
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You Can Lead a Happy Life! Let Me Show You How! Yes, You Can!   KEVIN KAPPLER, PH.D. AMPUTEE LIFECOACH As a fellow amputee, I know the psychological difficulties people face after losing a limb. I have helped people on the phone and texting for the last ten years as a Life Coach with these…
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RESOURCES COMMON QUESTIONS & CONCERNS What to Expect Once You Face an Amputation If your amputation was like mine no one talked to you about what to expect psychologically. If you start a conversation discussing your psychological apprehension it will briefly be acknowledged but quickly steered to physical therapy only. I was told by the…
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