Unlocking the Secrets of Being an Amputee Spouse


UnlockingFor some time now I have felt a gentle nudge from the universe to write a book about our experience when my husband suffered a medical emergency that changed our lives forever. It has taken me nearly three years to get to a place where I can tell the details without reliving the trauma.

It’s a great story of life-saving heroics, love, finding untapped strength, overcoming obstacles, and solving medical mysteries. It is a story of strength, courage, and facing our greatest fears. But at the end of the day, it isn’t my story to tell. It is Jason's story. It contains intimate details of the stresses he has endured and the battles he has fought.  In the end, it would have become a memoir of the worst years of our lives, forever etched in ink. But, at the end of the day, we aren’t what happened to us. We are forged from what has happened to us. And that is the story I want to share. I want the world to know that when all seemed lost, we banded together and fought for our lives both figuratively and literally. Maybe more importantly, I want to write for you the guide I wish I had had…the guide I so desperately needed. So, without further ado, I introduce you to that guide. May it be a guiding light when you find yourself surrounded by darkness!


Sabrina Whitney

An excellent book on the very stressful subject of taking care of someone. It is rich in specific helpful ways to protect yourself from burnout, find balance in your new life and plan for long term care. It's author, Sabrina Whitney, has a wealth of knowledge in the field and lets you know how to achieve this difficult task in a positive practical way. Its a must-buy for anyone facing this challenge and wanting to have a thorough understanding of what they are taking on.

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