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Amputee New Years' Resolutions

42 Amputee New Years’ Resolutions

42 Amputee New Year’s Resolutions  It’s time to make your amputee New Years’ resolutions. This means reevaluating your physical and mental recovery. With five hundred new amputees every day in the United States may mean this is your first New Year’s with a new body image and limb loss to deal with. It is time…
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Dr. Kevin Kappler, Ph.D Amputee Life Coach 



As a fellow amputee, I know the psychological difficulties people face after losing a limb. I have helped people on the phone and texting for the last ten years as a Life Coach with these specific issues. I understand what you are up against when you realize you have lost a limb. Prior to that, I was a clinical psychologist for over thirty years specializing in treating panic disorders and post-traumatic stress. My post-doctoral work was at the VA in San Francisco with vets coming back with lost limbs and traumatic body images. 

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Unlike traditional therapists, Dr. Kappler feels you should be able to talk about problems as they come up. He keeps the number of people he is working with small enough so that he can provide concierge service. This is convenient for folks on the go and with a busy work schedule.  Dr. Kappler will do his best to accommodate your scheduling requests and negotiate the best time for you.

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Talking on the telephone just like texting can be too emotionless and one dimensional. If there is anything the pandemic has taught us it is how using audio and visual channels to communicate brings feelings into the conversation. It is a much more natural way to address your concerns. Just ask and arrangements can be made using Google Meeting, Zoom or Skype.

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There is a whole generation of us who have no idea how to mail a letter. Some enjoy the convenience of addressing a problem succinctly in an email. You can do it anytime and almost anywhere. Dr. Kappler will provide a quick turn around response at a minimal fee.

Online Chat

Online chat makes your therapist more accessible. Some hate picking up the phone. Some dislike social media; for others physical meetings are to complicated; some hate laborious email conversation. It is yet another choice in deciding which venue you feel more comfortable with.


James. H.


I have known Dr. Kappler for thirty years and I have always admired his ability to work with people helping them find solutions for the problems they face in life. In the last twenty years of working on the internet and using the telephone he has been there for people when they want to talk.

Susan M.

Administrative Assistant

I would highly recommend Dr. Kappler. He was understanding and helped me quickly and compassionately.  He was there for me in every step of the way. Whenever I needed someone to talk to I could reach him. His being a fellow amputee made him much more understanding of what I was going through. He was non-judgmental and a good listener. I always know I have someone to talk to.

Tony W.

Financial Advisor

Even if you have never been to a therapist before you will find that Dr. Kappler is easy to talk to and is very non-judgemental. Once I found out that he had gone through an amputation I knew he understood what I was going through. He wasn't trying to fix me. He guided me through the decisions I had to make. Being able to call him or text and get a quick reply helped immensely.

Richard. L.


I never thought I would find a therapist who has gone through an amputation like mine. I tried to find someone who could help me. They either said they could help me but weren't very convincing or were honest enough to admit they had no idea what I was going through. His initial consultation was free and he accepted my need to talk to him when I didn't have an appointment. He is the kind of therapist who will call me if he hasn't heard from me in a while.

Brenda O.


I have known Dr. Kappler for years. His amputation made him realize there were so few therapists who have gone through a similar experience. He set up an educational website and offering suggestions on panic attacks, phantom limb pain depression and generalized anxiety. He consults with other therapists and will answer text emails and phone calls with amputation concerns.